Richland Genealogy and History

The Richland Public Library has many great resources to help you with your research.

The Southeast Iowa Digital Archive has digital copies of 80 area newspapers, spanning the years from 1849-2019, which include the Richland Clarion, Richland Plainsman, and the Clarion Plainsman. The scans of the newspaper pages are also searchable by key words.

The library also has many family tree notebooks donated by area residents and notebooks including obituaries dating back to the 1800s.

Our Meeting Room has memoriabilia from historical Richland and the former Richland High School including trophies, year books, and class photographs. Our display cases feature momentos from the Richland Homecoming celebrations and the Woman's Club.




Class pictures and sports club pictures from the Richland High School, spanning the years 1925-1961.



Morgan Hill
F. Sawdey. '77


On back of painting: "Painted by my dear mother's friend, Mrs. John Carmichael when she was 80 years old in 1928: Mother's and Father's Golden Wedding Anniversary (June 13, 1928). For my dear daughter, Virginia Lee Hall- Her Mother"


Signed L. C.

Plaque reads:

In memory of
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Loomis