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Richland Public Library Meeting Room Policy

Richland Public Library Meeting Room Policy

Purpose: The Richland Public Library provides meeting space for civic, cultural, educational, and public informational meetings by community and business groups. The meeting room is available except when it is needed for library programs and events. The meeting room policy reflects Article 6 of the Library Bill of Rights which states, “Libraries which make meeting rooms available to the public they serve should make facilities available on an equitable basis, regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use.” The use of the meeting room does not imply the library’s endorsement of any ideas expressed in the meeting nor the goals, objectives or ideals of the person or organization using the library facilities.

Policy for Use: No admission, collection, or donation may be taken by the party reserving the meeting room and no sales are allowed by the party either. Exceptions: Fundraising events sponsored by the library (or Library Friends Foundation) that benefit the library may be held. With approval, permission may be given to professional organizations for educational or training seminars and programs or to area colleges for courses of an educational or cultural nature where a course fee may be collected.

All sales are prohibited, except by the library (or Library Friends Foundation).

Reserving the meeting room: The meeting room may be reserved for a single meeting or for a brief series of meetings extending for no longer than a four (4) week time period. The meeting room is not intended for a group’s regular meeting place nor their exhibits or displays. Organizations are encouraged to observe library service hours in planning meetings. The building must be vacated by 10:00 p.m. If a key is loaned, there is to be no duplicate made and the original key should be returned immediately after use in the library drop box.  A $5.00 per day late fee will be assessed for keys not immediately returned.

Fees and deposits: The meeting room is available to the public for no fee, but a free will donation to defray costs of using the room would be appreciated. The library requires a $50 damage deposit from the organization or individual reserving the room. The deposit should be made when the person making the reservation submits the reservation form, at least one week prior to its meeting date. The deposit will be returned the next library business day, if the meeting room is left in the same condition and arrangement in which it was found.

Person making reservations: Reservations must be made by an adult who is responsible for any damages incurred to the building or the equipment over and above the $50 deposit fee and who must be in charge of any children/minors under age 18 attending the meeting. The adult should report any maintenance issues to the librarian within 24 hours after the meeting.

Refreshments: Simple refreshments, prepared outside the library, may be served in the meeting room provided the room is left in the condition it was found and users bring their own utensils and supplies.

City codes: Meeting room users must follow all applicable City codes. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the library. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises. No lit candles or open flames are allowed. Nothing should be attached to the walls (no tape, staples, or glue, etc.).

Accidents, Injury, Loss of property: The Library Board of Trustees, director of the library, or the City of Richland are not responsible for accidents, injury, or loss of individual property incurred by groups or individuals while using the meeting room.

Use of equipment: Users of audio-visual equipment must reserve the equipment in advance and sign a statement of responsibility. The library requires a $50 damage deposit from the organization or individual using the equipment which will be returned the next library business day, if the reserved equipment is left in working condition. Presenters using the equipment are expected to have a basic working knowledge of its use. Staff cannot provide in-depth training but will answer basic questions about the equipment.

Priority booking: Library programs and events take priority over non-library bookings, but advance reservations will not be canceled without prior notification of at least four (4) weeks.

Administering policy: This policy shall be administered by the library director, or his/her designee, who is authorized to implement it.

Authority over use of room: In case a question is raised as to the objectives and activities of any organization, group, or individual requesting use of the meeting room, the Library Board shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for use of the room. If the person reserving the room is a library patron, he/she should be in good standing with the library (no fines owed or overdue or lost materials). The Library Board reserves the right to deny use of the meeting room to any individual or group for causing damages or for improper use of the facility.

Adopted Jan. 1991

Amended Dec. 1999

Amended Dec. 2002

Amended March 2012

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